"Citizen Week" for K11 Dai Nam students with meaningful lessons

"Citizen Week" for K11 Dai Nam students with meaningful lessons

"Citizen Week" for  K11 Dai Nam students with meaningful lessons 

From September 11th to September 16th, 2017, Dai Nam University solemnly held the "Citizen Week" welcoming nearly 1,000 new students. This year, Dai Nam University introduced the important training program having practical meaning and led new students virtuous life


"Citizen Week" is an annual activity before the new school year. This activity helps new students understand the university where they are studying, the rights and obligations of students,as well. In additon, students are equiped useful information to comprehend the curriculum and training methods to have a plan for their studying. In this year, they were enrolled in early-year politics lesson, trained life skills, and taught an effective way to learn English. 

Reporters from PA83 (Hanoi Police) exchange students with political knowledge 

"Life skills training" was the second topic that Cao Thi Hoa, Vice Rector of Dai Nam University shared with students on September 13th

Ms. Cao Thi Hoa - Vice Rector of the university shared with students useful knowledge enthusiasticly

Students joined in the meeting fervently 

At the same time, the new students were also exchanged with teachers in Foreign Languages Department on how to learn foreign languages effectively, through sharing, games to practice confidence in speaking english

Students exchange with teachers about an effective way to learn English