Faculty of Politics

The Faculty of Politics was established along with the foundation of Dai Nam University (Nov 14th, 2007). The lecturers of the Department are Professors, Associate Professors, Doctors, and Masters who were trained in Vietnam or abroad. The lecturers have had many years of teaching experience in big universities in Hanoi. To keep pace with the rising demand of teaching and research, the Faculty usually provides training and update of knowledge and teaching methods to its lecturers. The aim of the Faculty is to build a strong and model department to fulfill the development strategy of the university.

2. Mission

The mission of the Faculty of Politics is to be leading in training, research and apply scientific achievements into the science of politics to keep pace with the social needs and development.

 3. Motto

Prestigious training – Quality research – Effective application – Successful cooperation.

4. Structure of the Faculty

4.1. Permanent lecturers

The Faculty has a cohort of permanent lecturers including 02 Doctors and Main Lecturers; 01 Distinguished Teachers, Master, Main Lecturer; 02 Masters and Ph.D. candidates; 01 Master student. 

4.2. Invited lecturers

The Faculty usually invites famous teachers from other prestigious universities such as Academy of Banking, University of Social Sciences & Humanity, University of Education 1, Hanoi Medical University… to teach for the Department.

5. Courses

5.1. Fundamental Principles of Marxism – Leninism:

Providing students with fundamental knowledge to approach the other courses: Ho Chi Minh Ideology, Revolutionary Way of the Party; building the world outlook and methodology to approach the professional courses; building the revolutionary outlook and ethics of the new era.

5.2. Ho Chi Minh Ideology

Helping students to understand the ideology, ethics, cultural values and manner of Ho Chi Minh; establishing the ideology foundation of the Party and the revolution of Vietnam; building the ethics foundation of people in the new era.

5.3. Revolutionary Way of Vietnam Communist Party

Helping students to understand the knowledge of politics and society; building trust in the leadership, goals and ideal of the Party; setting student’s responsibility toward the missions of the country; students apply the professional knowledge in solving economic, politic and social issues by the policies and methods of the Party.

5.4. Physical Education

Helping students to improve their physical health and understand basic knowledge of training and sports. 

5.5. National Defense Education

Providing students with basic knowledge of the military method, national defense efforts of the Party and the State; equipping students with necessary militaristic skills to meet the demand of the people’s armed forces and be ready to join the militant or reserve forces when needed to protect Vietnam. 
The content of the course closely follows the requirements of the Ministry of Education & Training and Dai Nam University.

6. Research Activities

Along with teaching, researching is also an important mission for lecturers of the Faculty. The lecturers have participated in research projects at different levels to fulfill this mission. The lecturers also actively participate and write papers for conferences and journals.
With a cohort of experienced and enthusiastic lecturers, the Faculty aims to further boost the research activities to improve the teaching and learning effectiveness.