Faculty of Foreign Languages


Name of the program

  • Vietnamese: Ngoại Ngữ
  • English: Foreign Languages

Level of Education: University Bachelor

Length of Education: 4 years

Address: Faculty of Foreign Languages, Dai Nam University

Main campus: Dai Nam University, Phu Lam, Ha Dong, Ha Noi.

Second campus: 56 Vu Trong Phung, Thanh Xuan, Ha Noi

The Faculty of Foreign Languages of Dai Nam University is currently offering Professional English Programs for students of the faculty as well as general English training for all students from other departments of Dai Nam University. The faculty also conducts or participates in research projects within the related field. 

The Professional English Program has two majors: Business English and Translation/Interpretation English. With the trend of globalization and the position of English as a global language, students graduated from the department have many opportunities of working in different fields such as economics, mass media, journalism that require English in various activities such as translation, interpretation, assistant…


Along with the development of the university, the Faculty of Foreign Languages strives to improve every aspect to become a leading department in both teaching and research activities. The faculty aims to establish itself as a prestigious and high quality foreign languages training centre domestically and internationally. 

Target of the Faculty:

2.1. Training Translation/Interpretation Bachelor. Bachelors of the Department can use English as an effective communication tool and take positions as professional translator/interpreter in the fields of science, economy, technology or social studies. Bachelors are equipped with both profession training and ethics education. 

2.2. Training Business English Bachelor. After the graduation, the bachelors of this major will display the comprehension in both English language and business knowledge including Economics, Finance – Banking, Accounting…

2.3English training (as the compulsory foreign language course) for students from other departments of the university.  Students are trained with the fundamental English language knowledge to work in the fields of economy, science and technology. 

2.4. English training for students who aim to study abroad or participate in joint education programs with the foreign academic partners of Dai Nam University; English complementary training for students within and outside of the university; IELTS and TOEIC training. 

2.5. Outcome requirements

·        For English Bachelor:

+ TOEIC : 650

+ TOEFL : 600

+ IELTS : 600

·        Bachelors in other fields:

- Bachelors in economic field: TOEIC 450

- Bachelors in technology field: TOEIC 400

- College bachelors: TOEIC 300


The faculty constantly improves the quality of its cohort of lecturers. All the lecturers of the department graduated from the prestigious domestic or foreign academic institutions. The lecturers are professionals in the respected field with significant experience in teaching foreign languages. 

The department is running 02 programs:  Professional English 

General English 

Head of the Faculty – Head of the English Language 




Dr. Dang Ngoc Huong




Educational Background


1978: Graduated from Hanoi University of Languages 


and International Studies


1986: Post Graduate in Australia 


1987: Master Degree from Hanoi University of 


Languages and International Studies, Hanoi National 




2001: English Teaching Competency Training, Bromley 


College, England


2010: Ph.D. in Languages Studies


1979 - 1993: Lecturer at the Department of English, 


Hanoi University of Languages and International Studies 


1994-2012: Deputy Head of the Department of English 


and Modern Languages – Hanoi Open University


2013 - now: Head of the Department of Foreign 


Languages, Dai Nam University

Head of the Chinese Language Major 


M.A. Tran Thi Thanh Liem


Training location: 


- Hanoi University, Vietnam


- Beijing Languages University, China

Most of the lecturers of the faculty are trained abroad in England, Australia, the United States, China…, and hold high educational degree and titles such as Main Lecturer, Ph.D, M.A. The rest of the lecturers are studying M.A in academic institutions in Vietnam and other countries. Every year, the faculty holds examinations to employ permanent teachers for the faculty to fulfill the rising workload. 

The faculty also invites foreign teachers to give students more opportunities to practice foreign languages. 


The faculty usually hosts seminars, conferences, English club, Chinese club, English eloquent competition…to encourage students to be more active and creative in learning. 

Annual Christmas party held by the Faculty of Foreign Languages 

The 2013 Eloquent Competition in English and Chinese


The Opening Ceremony of the Club of Foreign Languages


Study with foreign teachers


Graduation Ceremony of students of 3rd Term

Students of class English 06-01 participated in the University Establishment Ceremony


Field trip at Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

Meeting with Taiwan students