Faculty of Finance - Banking


Program Name

  •  Vietnamese: Tài chính – Ngân hàng
  •  English: Finance and Banking

Program Code: D340201

Level of Education: University Bachelor

Length of Education:

  •  University: 4 years
  •  College: 3 years

Address: Faculty of Finance – Banking, Dai Nam University 

Main Campus: Dai Nam University, Phu Lam, Ha Dong, Ha Noi

Second Campus: 56 Vu Trong Phung, Thanh Xuan, Ha Noi.

Email: khoataichinh-nganhang@dainam.edu.vn

The Faculty of Finance – Banking of Dai Nam University was founded according to Decision No.1535/TTg, on 14th November, 2007 of Prime Minister. The main task of the Faculty is offering education programs on bachelor and graduate level for two majors: Corporate Finance and Commercial Banking. Besides, the Faculty is tasked with conducting scientific research activities in various ways: Participating in scientific topics at all level; Author and Co-author of textbooks; Instructing and Criticizing Doctorate and Master thesis; Translating and Editing Documents; Writing Articles for the field-related newspaper and journals; Holding Scientific Conference for lecturers and students… 

In the near future, the Faculty aims to expand and renovate its training programs, to boost cooperation activities with local and foreign organizations and individuals on providing existing training services, opening new symposiums, enhancing cooperation in scientific researches…

Since the establishment, the Faculty of Finance – Banking has seen rapid growth of number and quality and become one of the leading faculties of Dai Nam University. The faculty has significantly contributed to the development of Dai Nam Universtiy At the present, the Faculty of Finance – Banking is offering education program at the university level and college level with 2 main majors and similar length of education:

-         Commercial Banking Major (university level): 4 years

-         Corporate Finance Major (university level): 4 years

-         Finance – Banking Major (college level): 3 years

The Faculty is planning to open new in-depth training majors such as:

-         Real Estate Business Major

-         Securities Business Major

-         Tax Major

-         Treasury Major

-         Customs Major

-         Insurance Major

-         International Finance Major

-         State Finance Management Major…


The Faculty aims to provide bachelors majored in Finance – Banking with good ethics; thoroughly understanding basic and modern knowledge of economy, law and basic principles of finance-banking; possessing professional knowledge of Banking business, Securities business, Business Finance Management and other subjects such as Insurance, Tax, Customs, State Budget, State Treasury…; being capable of conducting research and organizing, applying theory to solve issues appeared at the workplace. Besides, students are equipped with knowledge of modern foreign language (TOEIC standard – 550 points) so as to be able to find suitable job in the trend of globalization and integration. 

English-taught programs by native teachers for students of Faculty of Finance – Banking 

The ceremony of signing complete training cooperation between Dai Nam University and various commercial banks of Vietnam

At the present, the Faculty of Finance – Banking is offering two programs, Commercial Banking and Corporate Finance, with 18 credits for each program.


The teaching staff of the Faculty are lecturers from prestigious educational centers who are well-trained, committed and experienced in education field and modern teaching method. The permanent lecturers of the Faculty consist of 11 teachers including 3 doctors, 8 masters and graduate students. The rest of the staff are young teachers who have graduated with excellent ranking from different universities with good English proficiency and are planned to be sent for graduate programs at local and foreign universities.

The Management Board of the Faculty are listed as followings:

Head of the Faculty: Dr. Xuan Thi Le

Phone number:    098-2128-054

E-mail: lethixuan@dainam.edu.vn

Former Head of Finance Department, Institute of Banking, highly experienced in management, scientific research as well as training and instructing graduate students and bachelor; teaching in-depth profession training class for staff at large commercial banks and businesses around the country. 

Vice of the Faculty: Dr. Lan Huong Nguyen Thi 

Phone number: 0913-24-8998

Email: lannh@dainam.edu.vn

Ten-year experience in the field of research at Vietnam Post and Telecommunication Corporation; working through different management positions in the field of finance and banking

The Faculty of Finance – Banking has a host of permanent lecturers highly experienced in management and teaching. The invited lecturers are Associate Professors, Doctors and Masters who have a lot of experience in education field and currently are teaching at large educational schools such as:

·         Institute of Finance

·         Institute of Banking

·         National Economy University

·         Foreign Trade University…


In accordance with the mottos “Learning accompanied by Practice” and “Theory accompanied by Reality”, providing students with realistic experience and helping them to find jobs suitable with their major are the main focuses of Dai Nam University and the Faculty of Finance - Banking

·         Realistic Experience for Students:

Talks between General Director of MSBS with students of Faculty of Finance - Banking

Mr.Quynh Pham Nguyen, Director of Securities Service introduced various forms of support that MSBS can provide to students of Faculty of Finance – Banking 

Mrs. Hoa Xuan Nguyen Thi– Director of Customer Service Center No.2 – is recruiting coordinator at MSBS

Enthusiastic Instruction of staff of Kim Long Security Company at a field trip

·   Scientific Conference for Students of Faculty of Finance - Banking:

       Dr.Xuan Thi Le, Head of the Faculty made the opening speech at Scientific Conference 

for Students

·         Inviting experts experienced in banking management for talks (Dr.Thuy Duc Le, Former President of State Bank; Dr.Lien Thi Vu, Former Vice President of State Bank…)

Participating in Program “Life Gift” on VTV2 and other television game shows

Charity and extra-curricular activities of students of the faculty

Sport activities of students

Beauty contest and music performance

Participating in Flower Arrangement Competition in honor of Teacher’s Day, Nov.20 


Students using Wi-fi to search for information 

Along with the development of the university, the Faculty of Finance – Banking always strives to become a reliable address of students, organizations and individuals in the economy.