Faculty of Economic Law


Name of the program

·      Vietnamese: Khoa Luật Kinh tế

·      English: Faculty of Economic Law

Program code: 52380107

Educational Level: University Level

Length of Training: 4 years

Address: Faculty of Economic Law, Dai Nam University, 56 Vu Trong Phung, Thanh Xuan, Ha Noi

Email: khoaluat@dainam.edu.vn

The Faculty of Economic Law was opened in February, 2015 by the Decision No.452/QĐ-BGĐT of the Ministry of Education & Training. The program curriculum of the department was constructed by the requirements of the Ministry as well as references from law programs of other universities such as: Hanoi Law University, Economic University of Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi National University, National Economics University… to ensure the update and consistency of the program’s content with other training levels and programs. 

Students of the major Economic Law will be experts in the business law and able to take positions in general public management departments, public business management departments, businesses, courts, inspection , consulting offices, law research and teaching institutions…


1.     General target

The Faculty aims to train bachelors who display professional knowledge and attitude toward economic law as well as the understanding of socio-economic matters, cultural aspects and professional ethics. Students graduated from the Faculty are able to research and solve fundamental problems related to the economic law major, thus, satisfying the requirements of the society during the trend of modernization, industrialization and integration of the country. 

2.    Specific targets

2.1. Knowledge

·        General knowledge

-   Clear understanding the policies and regulations of the Communist Party and the State within the fields: Politics, Education, Environment, Economy, Security, National Defense; 

-   Displaying the proper ethics and politic manner of a socialist citizen

-   Possessing fundamental knowledge of the social science to acquire professional knowledge; 

-   Displaying knowledge and skill of the profession

·        Specialty knowledge

Students acquire fundamental knowledge toward the general law and the socio-economy and the professional economic law such as: business law, co-operative law, investment law, competition law, property law, finance law, credit law, banking law, insurance law, business contract law, bankruptcy law, business argument settlement law, commercial law…

2.2. Skills

Students of the department are expected to display skills to solve specific cases related to the economic law major: (1) Independently proposing solution to legal situations in business, clearly understanding of professional knowledge and skill necessary to help companies participate in legal activities in business; (2) Explanation, analysis and application of the economic law into business and commercial practice; (3) Understanding the procedure of establishment, disband or bankruptcy of economic entities; (4) Preparing documents, business – commercial contracts; (5) Communication, negotiation and signing business contracts; (6) Law consulting; (7) Working and managing teams; (8) Research and teaching; (9) English proficiency equal 450 TOEIC. 

2.3. Attitude

-  Students display proper professional attitude and ethics to protect the legal rights and benefits of economic entities; benefits of the State; and benefits of the society; 

-   Students display professional ethics and discipline; 

-   Students display the sense of community, citizen responsibility and professional behavior; 

-   Students display the spirit of self-improvements and cooperation. 


1. Assoc.Prof. Bui Xuan Duc – Head of the Faculty


Ph.D. in Law – Russia Institute of Academic Science 


Working experience: 


-    1980-2008: Staff of the Institute of State and Law


-    2008-2014: Deputy Director of Centre of Training and Research, 


Head of the Institute of Research – Department of the Vietnam Fatherland Front. 


-    11/2014 -  now: Dai Nam University



2.Dr. Do Gia Thu – Deputy Head of the Faculty

Ph.D. in Law – Vietnam Institute of Academic Social Sciences


Working experience: 


-    1978-1994: Main lecturer of Hanoi General University


-    1994-2007: Head of the Department of Law, under the Office of the President


-    2007-2014: Head of Law Department, under the 


Governmental Inspection Unit

-   08/2014 - now: Dai Nam University






 3. Dr.Do Thi Minh Thu – Deputy Head of the Faculty Ph.D. in Law – Hanoi National University


Working experience: 


-    1993-2011: Director of Library Information Centre – Hanoi Open University 

-   04/2014 - now: Dai Nam University