Faculty of Continuing Education


Address: Room 103, 104, Building A, No.56 Vu Trong Phung, Thanh Xuan, Ha Noi

Phone number: (office) 043.557.9634; 557.9977(409); 

Phone number of the Head of Faculty: 0936.606.655.

Email: khoadaotaothuongxuyen@dainam.edu.vn

The Faculty of Continuing Education was established under the Decision No.191/QĐ-ĐN of the Chairman of the Board. 

1/ Functions

-     Recruiting and training the transfer programs from the vocational level and college level to the university bachelor level; providing second degree; providing in-service education programs by the quota set by the Ministry of Education & Training

-         Providing short-term training courses, skill and knowledge improvement courses in the economic and technical fields by the social demand.

-        Cooperating with other domestic universities, colleges, vocational schools and continuous education centres by the training quota of Dai Nam University and exploit quota from social demand. 

-         Cooperating with other universities, training schools, businesses…in training and research activities in order to improve the training quality and the practicality of the programs.

2/ Missions

-       Cooperating with other faculties and offices to build programs, curriculum, teaching and learning plans under the regulation of the Ministry of Education & Training and Dai Nam University.

-       Conducting research, teaching and learning activities as well as student activities under the regulation of the Ministry of Education & Training and Dai Nam University. 

-      Evaluating training results under the regulation of the Ministry of Education & Training and Dai Nam University

-       Completing other missions issued by the Chairman of the Board and the Committee of Rectors

3/ Responsibilities

-         Strictly following the regulations and policies of the Communist Party, State Law and the University Regulations. 

-         Responsible for all the activities of the faculty in accordance with the issued missions and functions. 

-         Protecting the benefits and reputation of the university in cooperation and transaction relationship with other individuals and organizations. Ensuring the cooperation between the faculty and other units of the university

4/ Authority

-         Allowed to actively recruiting staff, lecturers and managers under the regulation of Dai Nam University after the Board of Management agrees on the additional recruitment quota. 

-         Allowed to actively establish and conduct training plans, researches, student activities, evaluation under the regulation of Dai Nam University. 

-         Allowed to actively establish and conduct training cooperation programs with other training schools. 

5/ Size

-         After 2 years since the establishment, the Faculty has had nearly 2,000 students studying in the transfer programs and in-service training programs within the fields: Information Technology, Accounting, Finance-Banking and Civil Engineering. 

6/ Programs:

The Faculty is currently providing the training programs in the following fields:

- Civil Engineering

- Finance – Banking

- Accounting

- Information Technology

- Transfer program from College level to University level

- Transfer program from Vocational level to University level


A – Mr. Hoang Van Chung, MBA - Head of the Faculty

1.   Responsible for managing all activities of the Department and answering to the Board of Management. 

2.      In charge of admission and graduation activities. 

3.      Member of the Committee of Admission and Graduation

4.      Monitoring and settling financial activities under the financial regulations of the university set by the Board of Management. 

5.      In charge of collecting and updating student information and activities

6.      Effectively managing and using infrastructure and facility of the university and the department. 

7.      In charge of checking the department’s activities inside and outside of the university. 

B - Ms.Nguyen Thi Thao

1.      Managing daily activities of the Faculty.

2.      Constructing teaching and learning plan.

3.      Informing teaching plan.

4.      Setting schedule and managing teaching and learning activities in the classes at 56 Vu Trong Phung. 

5.      Monitoring tuition fee, admission budget, transfer, resit exam, restudy, and graduation. 

6.      Managing activity of supervising teachers and classes.   

7.      Managing payment for lecturers of the Faculty.

8.      Member of the Secretary Board of the Admission Committee.

9.      Managing website of the Faculty. 

C - Mr. Le Hong Tien

1.      Managing all activities of the Youth Organization within the Faculty. 

2.     Establishing training plan and managing teaching and learning activities of the training cooperation program. 

3.   Managing classes at the training cooperation sites (grade update, receiving resit exam prints, monitoring tuition) and activity of supervising teachers. 

D - Mr. Ta Van Lam, MBA

1.      Managing the activity of classes and supervising teachers (grade update, receiving resit exam prints, monitoring tuition) in the classes at 56 Vu Trong Phung.  

2.      Coordinating in class checking and management. 

3.       Lecturing at the courses: Marxism – Leninism, Ho Chi Minh Ideology, and Revolutionary Way. 

E - Ms. Nguyen Thi Mai Hue

1.      Supporting in administrative works 

2.      Receiving and settling documents before sending to the Board of Secretary of Admission Committee. 

3.      Monitoring and checking student files. 

4.       Participating in admission activities if needed. 


1.     Phu Tho College of Food Industry 

Address: Nguyen Tat Thanh Street, Tan Dan Ward, Viet Tri City. 

2.     Thanh Hoa VICET Vocational College 

Address: Quang Thanh Town – Thanh Hoa City

3.     Asian Economy – Technology Vocational School

Address: No.289, Trung Kinh Street, Trung Hoa, Cau Giay, Ha Noi. 

4.     Community Competence Support Centre

Address: E Sector, North Thanh Xuan, Thanh Xuan, Ha Noi. 

5.     Hai Phong Continuing Education Centre

Address: No.33, Nguyen Duc Canh, Le Chan, Hai Phong City

6.     Hai Duong Continuing Education Centre

Address: No.310, Nguyen Luong Bang, Hai Duong City

7.     Nam Dinh Private Foreign Languages Centre

Address: No.2, Tran Hung Dao, Nam Dinh City

8.     Thien Tuong Training Centre

Address: Training Centre, Tu Liem, Ha Noi

9.     Ha Noi Private Technology Vocational School

Address: No.169, Nguyen Ngoc Vu, Cau Giay, Ha Noi

10.    Ha Noi Business Administration & Technology Vocational School

Address: Phu Do, Me Tri, Ha Noi