Faculty of Business Administration


Program Name

  • Vietnamese: Quản trị Kinh doanh
  • English:  Business Administration

Program Code: D340101

Level of Education: University Bachelor

Length of Education: 4 years

Address: Department of Business Administration, Dai Nam University 

Main campus: Dai Nam University, Phu Lam, Ha Dong, Ha Noi

Second campus: 56 Vu Trong Phung, Thanh Xuan, Ha Noi

The Faculty of Business Administration was established in 2009 and is one of first 3 majors in Dai Nam University. With the principles “practical learning” and “real learning”  which focus on equipping students with practical knowledge of Business Administration and encouraging entrepreneur spirit, the faculty has step by step built a host of committed and talent lecturers; updating program and teaching content on international standard, renovating teaching method, building a discipline and responsible learning environment to train learners’ behavior and characteristics and boost their activeness. 

The first classes of the faculty with nearly 120 students had graduated in July, 2013. According to the survey of the  faculty, 10% of these students has continued to pursuit graduate program or overseas study at developed countries such as Taiwan, Germany, Australia…, 20% of them start their own businesses or become director of their family business, the majority of the rest managed to find jobs and receive positive replies from their employers (replies come from business partner of the department). These numbers reflect the results and education quality of the university and the  Faculty of Business Administration during these years.


No. Program Name Form Form
    1 General Business Administration  Full-time
    2 Marketing Administration  Full-time
    3 Investment Administration  Full-time
    4 Investment Administration  Full-time


1. Strategic goals

The strategic goal of the Faculty of Business Administration is to become a leading unit in providing practical knowledge of Business Administration to students and business manager. 

The Faculty of Business Administration strives to become a reliable address for families to look for higher education for their children; a trusted address for businesses to find competent staff in business administration; and a hall of beautiful memories and pride of students who have received education in both professional knowledge and personality for their future career development. 

2. Specific goals

2.1. On knowledge

Students graduated from the Faculty of Business Administration of Dai Nam University need to meet the following requirements of knowledge:

-   Satisfying the national output standard of basic education of business administration (by Decision No.23/2004/QĐ-BGD&ĐT) and the school output standard of English proficiency, basic and applied information technology knowledge.

-    Possessing general knowledge of economy, basic knowledge of economics and management including: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics; Economic Law, Fundamental Marketing, Accounting Principles; Econometrics; Management. 

-    Possessing general knowledge of the major and updated knowledge of management including Strategic Management, Human Resources Management, Finance Management, Production Management, Organizational Behavior, E-commerce, Managerial Accounting, International Business and International Finance.

-    Possessing in-depth and realistic knowledge of business administration including Quality Management, Risk Management, Project Management, Logistics Management and Entrepreneurship. 

-    Possessing other supporting knowledge for career development

2.2. On skills

   Students graduated from the Faculty of Business Administration of Dai Nam University need to meet the following skill requirements:

·     Hard skills:

-       Planning and conducting business strategy and policy; managing and executing business activities.

-       Designing and executing business plans.  

-       Designing and executing plans related to production management, marketing management, human resources management, investment management… and other management activities of business. 

-      Designing and conducting development research plans to solve business administration issues. 

·     Soft skills:

-        Self-awareness skill

-        Career development planning skill

-        Entrepreneurship skill

-        Individual motivation and potential improvement skill 

-        Work arrangement and time management skill

-        Communicating and socializing skill

-        Teamwork and team building skill

-        Presentation skill

-        Negotiating skill

-        Decision making and problem solving skill

-        Job seeking skill

-        Change management skill

2.3. On attitude: 

Students graduated from the Faculty of Business Administration – Dai Nam University are expected to have the following attitudes:

-    Awareness of citizenship, good ethics, living and working by the Constitution and Law. 

-  Responsibility and commitment to assigned jobs, meeting ethical standards required for a business administrator. 

-    Proper behavior, honesty and professional and scientific working behavior. 

-   Open-minded, self-improvement, flexibly and creatively applying knowledge of business administration into work. 


 “Competent teachers will bring competent students”

Since the establishment, the Faculty of Business Administration has always focused on building a group of lecturers who are competent, experienced and open to updated teaching method. The faculty also sets priority on finding and hiring lecturers educated abroad.

1. Board of the Faculty

Vice Dean: Minh Van Pham (Master Degree)


Phone Number: 0906 133 312


Email: minhpv@dainam.edu.vn

2. Lecturers

The Faculty has 20 lecturers in charge of more than 20 subjects. All the lecturers hold master degree or higher. The lecturers are divided into the following groups:

-      Permanent lecturers

-      Invited lecturers with doctor degree come from Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Foreign Trade University, National Economy University, Vietnam University of Commerce, and Banking Academy

-      Invited lecturers from businesses are in charge of soft skill courses and field trips. 


To ensure the program quality, the Faculty has put great efforts on finding the cooperation and support from businesses. The Faculty frequently holds field trips, extra curriculum activities at businesses for students. Various conferences and meetings with businessmen on different topics of business administration are also opened frequently by the Student Startup Club.  

Below are the businesses that have signed cooperation and become partners of the Faculty of Business Administration. The cooperation includes supporting students in their graduation practice, job hunting, skill training and meetings with businessmen. 

1). Duc Viet Food Joint Stock Company

Duc Viet Food Joint Stock Company is among the 500 fastest growing private companies in Vietnam in 2010 rated by Vietnam Assessment and Report Joint Stock Company and Vietnamnet Newspaper. The company ranked 194th in the report. The company also continuously achieves the Award of Vietnamese High Quality Product, the Award of Vietnamese Star, the Cup of Vietnam Brand Pride…


Address: 5th floor, No.12, Gwin building, Me Tri, Tu Liem, Ha NoiVietnam Marksys limited company is a dynamic private company founded in March, 2001. The company provided services of management consulting, distribution network building consulting, sales training. The company also produces home chemical cleaning products under the brand Rell to serve the training of sales network. 

3) CVI Pharma Joint Stock Company

Address: No.353 Giai Phong, Phuong Liet, Than Xuan, Ha Noi, Viet Nam. 

The company has successfully transferred and developed products using nano technology to increase the value of traditional herbs for women after giving birth and products for other diseases. 


Future businessmen of the Faculty of Business Administration

Student of the 4th Term 

Annual Anniversary Ceremony of the faculty

New students of the 7th Terms

Extracurricular activities and teambuilding


Field trip and teambuilding at Ao Vua Tourist Area

The joy of reaching the top of the mountain 

Field trip: Students visited Toyota Company

Delivering recruitment information, operation procedure, business culture, business 


Taking picture at the factory of Toyota

Field trip at Vietnam Museum of Ethnicity and Nghia Do Park  

Interesting games for teambuilding

Memorable moments

Students with research

Student presented the research topic


Giving awards for excellent topics

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